How Do I ... ?

Get a Hauppauge Library Card?
Vote at library elections?
Find out if the Library owns a particular book, CD, DVD, etc.?
Renew items I have checked out?
Register for a Library program?
Find articles and search databases?
Reserve items?
Create a Library Card Password?
Change my Password if I've forgotten it?
Find out the library's loan periods for different items?
Find out if the library is closed due to weather?
Receive Library Notices via SMS Text?
Receive Library Notices via Email?
Create a Username?
Track My Library Use (Reading History)?
Setup the My Lists Feature?
Setup Preferred Searches?
Use Zinio to read magazines online?
Reserve a meeting room?

Get a Hauppauge Library card?
You can register for a library card by bringing a current photo ID to the circulation desk showing residency in the Islip portion of the Hauppauge Public School District. You can also apply online by filling out the form on this page.

Vote at library elections?
You may vote in a library election if you are (1) at least 18 years of age; (2) a citizen of the United States; (3) you have lived in the library district for 30 days (prior to scheduled library election); and (4) you are registered to vote (you are already registered if you have voted during the last four years in any general, school district or library election.) If you are not registered to vote, click here:

Find out if the library owns a particular book, CD, DVD, etc.?
You can search the Hauppauge Public Library's catalog for books, DVDs, videos, audiobooks, music CDs, e-books and articles. Type your keywords in the search box and then refine your search by the terms on the left of the screen. A link to our Classic Catalog is available on the bottom right of the screen for users more familiar with the earlier version of the catalog. If you don't find what you're looking for please let us know, we may be able to purchase it for the library collection. The library's catalog can be accessed here.

Renew items I have checked out?
You can renew the items on your card (as long as they are not overdue or on hold for another patron) by logging into your account and renewing online or by contacting the circulation department by phone at 631.979.1600.

Register for a library program?
You can register for library programs by searching our online program calendar by clicking HERE, by calling the library at 979-1600, or by stopping by in person with your library card.

Find articles and search databases?
Online magazines and databases covering health, literature, science, and more may be accessed on our Live-brary Research page, or from our Encore search box here. You will need your library barcode and library password to access these from your home computer. If you are having trouble, give us a call at the reference desk and we'll walk you through the process.

Reserve items?
You can reserve items that you find in our online catalog as long as you have your library barcode and Password. When you are viewing an item record in the catalog, simply click on the red button that says "request item" and you will be prompted to enter your information.

Create a library card password?
Click here and type in your 14 digit barcode from the back of your library card. If you do not have a password, you will be prompted to create one. Choose a password that is 6-8 characters and is memorable to you, and then press the TAB key. Type in your password again for verification and click "Submit." If you see a message that the information you have entered is invalid, it means you had chosen a password in the past and have forgotten it.

Change my password if I've forgotten it?
Visit the reference desk with your library card and ID to reset your password.

Find out the library's loan periods for different items?
The library's items circulate for 21 days with the exception of magazines and entertainment DVDs and videos, which have a 7 day loan period.

Find out if the library is closed due to weather?
If the library is closed due to weather or emergency a notice will be placed at the top of our website home page. You can also find out at News 12 TV and the following radio stations: WBLI, WBWB and WALK FM. If you are unsure that we might be open, call us at 631-979-1600.

Receive library notices via SMS text?
By logging into your account and clicking on "Change your Contact Information" you will be able to sign up for SMS text alerts. You will need to enter a cell phone number in the text alert box using the following format: xxx-xxx-xxxx. You will need to click on "CLICK HERE TO OPT IN" and check the check box. Once finished click "submit". You will then receive a confirmation text message after opting in. You will need to reply "yes" to this confirmation. If you do not reply "yes" you will not be signed up. You will then begin receiving alerts for hold pickups, courtesy notices and overdue notices.

Receive library notices via email?
You can receive hold pickup notices, courtesy notices and overdue notices via email. You can log into your patron record and choose "Change Your Contact Information" and add your preferred email address. You will then begin receiving these notices automatically.

Create a username?
You can use a Username to log into your Library Account. To set up a username you can log into your account using your library card barcode and your password. Once you are in your library card account click on the “Change Your Contact Information” button and then you can enter your 6-25 character username containing letters and numbers only, punctuation will not be accepted. After completed, click "Go". Click "Close Window", and you will be returned to your account. You will receive an email confirming your change if you have a valid email address in your library account.

Track my library use (Reading History)?
Track my Library Use (Reading History): Log into your account using your barcode/username and password. Then you can select "Reading History" from the left hand side. List will then begin to show all items checked out from that point forward.

Setup the My Lists feature?
My Lists: Log into your account with barcode/username and password. Select "My Lists" from left hand side. Search for item, then select item. Choose "Add to My Lists" from toolbar. Select or Create List. Click Submit for lists that have already been created. Items placed on new lists are submitted automatically. To view list, select "Return to Your Account" from toolbar, and select "My Lists" from left side again. Select list to view titles.

Setup preferred searches?
Preferred Search: Log into your account with barcode/username and password. Select "Preferred Searches" from left side. Search for item. Click "Save as Preferred Search" from toolbar. This can be done from Browsing screen or item screen. To view preferred searches, select "Return to Your Account" from toolbar, and select "Preferred Searches" from left side. Select "Search" to the far right of the search you would like to view.

Use Zinio to read magazines online?
Zinio is an online service that you can use with your library card, to read magazines online or through the Zinio "app" on mobile devices. You can find Zinio at the bottom of our home page or the Explore page on our website. The instructions for creating a Zinio account are here.

Reserve a meeting room?
Reserve a meeting room at the library by filling out an Application For Use Of Library Meeting Space. Requests will be reviewed based upon the requirements outlined in the form and availability of the rooms.